what's your favorite color of OCC Lip Tar? which would you recommend to someone who's looking for something bold but not toooooo crazy?

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I feel like if you’re going to buy OCC you go big or go home. They are so pigmented and offer colors that aren’t available from other retailers, so take advantage of that! My favorite is RX, the blue one in this FOTD. The one I use the most is Belladonna, the purple in this FOTD. The one I feel likeeveryone should own because it’s pretty much universally adorable is Anime, which I wore in this photoshoot. Anime and Hoochie are both really wearable. 

Speaking of OCC, my swatch/reviews/FOTD’s featuring the Spring Collection I got during IMATS will be coming up soon, I’m almost done with my finals. 

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