Hi guys, as you two are pretty much my make-up gurus I was wondering if you could help me with something, I've been spotting lots of "joblot" and "wholesale" make-up on ebay, and i was wondering if you would advise against buying them.

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Aw thank you! Well personally I used to scrounge ebay a lot for wholesale lots but never ended up buying them because the makeup usually offered is not very good anyway, they are usually just surplus samples. There are a lot of products but not necessarily a lot of GOOD products, you know? Buy things you like in small increments rather than a lot of things you might not like in HUGE increments. 

My only warning would be to make sure that they’re getting their stock from a reputable wholesale store. The only time I buy wholesale stuff is when I go to a Cosmetics Company Store, so I can actually look at the samples in person. A lot of the stuff you see on eBay also might be GWP products (gift with purchase). All in all, like Arabelle said, don’t buy in bulk and be selective in what you purchase.

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