…I hauled. OTL Mostly a skincare hauled this time from Sasa.com, which I think is upping their shipping times! I got this in seven business days after it shipped, which is awesome because I’ve ordered from them before and it took a month. Not recently though, so props to Sasa. Now onto the products…

My Scheming Sakura Night Jelly | 60 ml: I usually use lighter nighttime moisturizers in the spring and summer, and I wanted to try something new, so I purchased this jelly. The first picture in the second row is the picture of the back of the box of this product, and it is completely adorable.

Hisamitsu LIFECELLA Essence Sheet Mask Trehalose: This was a free gift. I am pleased because I love masks.

Naruko APPLE SEED & TRANEXAMIC ACID Soothing White Hydra Milk | 120 ml : Can I just…can I just flail about this for a second? I FINALLY HAVE A NARUKO SKINCARE PRODUCT! *weeps* Haha if you’ve been following powderdoom for a while you might have heard of my intense want of everything Naruko skincare because of fuzkittie. And now I have one! This product is for evening out the skintone as well and it’s a light lotion. Anyway enough about that, look at the cute directions they give you to turn the product box into a cute storage thing for your desk! That’s what the second and third pictures in the second row are showing. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever. I love reusing and recycling old bottles and containers from my skincare so the fact that they give you instructions and make the box in such a way that you can actually create something else from it? Super cool.

Ponds FLAWLESS WHITE Deep Lightening Facial Foam | 100 g: I purchased this because I decided to combat my acne scarring and hyperpigmentation head on again. My acne is completely under control now so I am going to be trying a variety of different methods to see if I can make my scars less visible. I don’t believe that this cleanser will help an immense amount, but if it brightens my complexion five percent, I consider that a victory haha.

TONY MOLY Gold Sugar Black Mask | 100 ml: I’m running out of my Skin Food Black Sugar Mask (review here) that I use for my exfoliation every week, so I decided to try the Tony Moly version!

Kanebo Purenavi Makeup Remover | 145 ml: I am looking for a new cleansing oil since the one that I used to use completely disappeared. The one I’m using now (Kanebo Naive Deep Cleansing Oil) is okay but it’s definitely not something I would repurchase, so I’m hoping that this one will be better for my skin. Apparently this product is formulated for sensitive skin as well - no perfumes, artificial colorants and preservatives. If this doesn’t work for me, I might just have to bite the bullet and order the shu uemura one or something. ;;

100% Pure Blush in Peach and Mauvette | 9 g: I was originally going to just get skincare because as I mentioned previously, I’m trying to defeat my hyperpigmentation and acne scarring once and for all…but I was looking through Sasa’s sale section and there was 80% off of /all/ 100% Pure products. I haven’t heard anything about this brand, but the packaging drew me in and it was 9 grams of product for $4.50. 9 grams. $4.50. Pretty packaging…I was sold.

+ Facial Cleansing Brush: I actually ordered this from eBay at the beginning of this month and it was supposed to come in May…but hey happy surprise! I believe I purchased this because frmheadtotoe mentioned a similar brush recently in one of her videos (I think it was her March Beauty Favorites??).

And that’s it! If you have any questions or want to request a review, as always, feel free to drop an ask. That said, probably won’t be opening most of this until I run out of what I’m currently using…I’m trying to halt the habit of opening absolutely everything when I receive it (skincare-wise), potentially reducing the shelf life haha. Toodles~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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