OCC Lip Tar - Hoochie CoverGirl Divine Inglot Lipstick in 65 occ, cg, then inglot

We recently had a few questions on the best purple lippie out there, so I thought I’d share some more of my purples. I have already found my dream purple — worn and swatched here — but I have purchased several on the way to find it, these 3 being the main contenders. 

  • OCC Liptar in Hoochie ($14) - I love this product, it’s going to be my main haul at IMATS. They just released a darker purple which I’m definitely going to buy. I like this, it’s just not practical to swipe on, you need a brush or qtip. Mix with the black lip tar for a darker purple or a lighter one for a paler one. Great purchase imo. 
  • CoverGirl Divine ($6) - I love CG lipsticks, this one isn’t great though and I’d skip it. It tends to seperate weirdly on my lips. Color doesn’t spread evenly, it’s high maintenance. The other colors I’ve tried from CG are nice though. 
  • Inglot Lipstick in 65 - ($10???) Impulse rage purchase because the lipstick I wanted at Sephora was sold out (for the 6th time or something). I just went into Inglot and make puppy eyes at the SA and he soothed my makeup pains and led me to this. After wearing it a few times I wish I didn’t buy it, cause it is so SO sheer and separates in like .22424 seconds though it looks nice in these photos, it’s not something I’d recommend. You can even see it seperating in the last photo with the swatches! Blah. INGLOT makes better eyeshadow than lipstick I guess. 

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