Someone asked us what our favorite red lippies were, these are mine. 

  1. F-Bomb: Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Color ($19) - Formula is a dream to me, lasts as long as a lip stain. This is a very pure red to me. I usually prefer more raspberry reds but if you’re looking for a FIRE ENGINE RED BAM PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE RED this might be it. I love the formula of these pencils over traditional lipstick like NARS or Illamasqua, which have great pigmentation but are drying and harder to apply on the go. 
  2. Femme: NYX Round Lipstick ($2) - I also really love Eros, another red from this line. Chi-Chi and I really like NYX Round Lippies, there are plenty of swatches of them on the blog if you look. This is an orangey red. I think it looks great sheered up a little with a balm and paired with apricot blush and lots of mascara. Very spring. 
  3. Fire & Ice: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ($5) - Revlon has great drugstore lippies in terms of pigmentation, but they are very drying compared to CoverGirl lipsticks, PD’s favorite drugstore lipstick brand. This appears very similar in these photos compared to NYX’s but it’s a bit darker and more red. Very cool toned. I think it’s a very classy red. 
  4. Eternal: CoverGirl ($6) For some reason the Eternal I see online is not the same as the one I have — way more purple, mine is a reddish raspberry magenta situation and I wear it like, every day. I guess it’s not a red, but I’m including it because I love it THAT MUCH and I highly recommend all of CoverGirl’s lipsticks from this line. 

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