…so there was a good discount on drugstore.com a couple weeks ago on CoverGirl products (read: 30 percent off - link) and I decided to haul Lip Perfection lipsticks because they are some of the best lipsticks ever. EVER. …so I got six. >.> Completely justifiable okay you would do the same thing etc. Also, sign up for drugstore.com emails. Sometimes, they are amazing. *_* That said, the colors I purchased were…

  • Temptress - mid-toned pink with silver shimmer (silver not too noticeable on the lips)
  • Fairytale - pink with a bit of coral
  • Spellbound - bright fuchsia pink
  • Hot - orange-based red
  • Soulmate - darker red with gold glitter (this is some frosty stuff)
  • Fervor - mauve? ???? dark rose pink? (describing colors is not my strong suit)

Plus swatches!! :D I didn’t actually plan to take swatches, but after taking the rest of the pictures, I just had to see the colors and I took a picture of them. ;; These lipsticks are some of my favorite, high end or drugstore. In the last picture, Fairytale is on top, and then from left to right, Spellbound, Hot, Soulmate, Fervor, and Temptress.

As always, feel free to drop an ask if you would like a review. Toodles~

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