50,000 followers Giveaway!!! (closed)

We promised a giveaway once we hit 1,000 followers, but then we reached 10,000, then 20,000… and have been stalling and stalling, gathering products, writing for projects, until 50k finally creeped up on us last night.  So here you go: a giveaway we hope is worthy of your support. 

Here are the prizes. Since Chi-Chi & I are on opposite coasts, the items might be separate but there will only be one winner, and they will receive two individual packages, one from Chi-Chi and one from me. This is U.S ONLY. 

More photos & how to enter after the jump.

So how do you enter? 

  1. Must be a follower of powderdoom. 
  2. Like and/or reblog this post. You can reblog as many times are you’d like. Each reblog and like counts as its own entry. 


Note that you might even receive more that hasn’t been included in this giveaway, because we’re constantly going to Target, CVS, Sephora etc and might get some stuff secretly to include, too. :)

Winner be chosen randomly via random.org on January 31st, 11:59PM EST, and will be notified via their tumblr ask and announced on powderdoom and the powderdoom twitter, too. If you don’t have tumblr ask enabled and we have no way to reach you and you haven’t contacted us within 24 hours a new winner will be chosen. 

So have at it! Good luck and thank you for following us. We hope you like the giveaway. :) 

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