maybelline color tattoo mini review & swatches

Got these the other day, I’ve been testing them ever since. Swatches and review after the jump. 

Packaging: I like them, I got these over the L’Oreal new releases because I like the packaging better. I mean it’d be cool if the info was etches onto the cover rather than just a sticker, but whatever. The pot is big enough for any brush I’d contemplate using with it. 

Quality: I prefer the bronze shadow over the ‘edgy emerald’ color in terms of workability, it truly does look stunning on the lid and it’s super blendable and easy to work with and doesn’t set too fast or anything. Great for a wash of color, really — I just applied the bronze all over my lid and lined my waterline and had  a perfectly lovely eye look in less than a minute. It was great! This would be nice as a base color to apply other shadows onto or used as shadow itself. I used it without primer and it lasted me my entire day, it simply refused to crease. I’m impressed. 

Would I recommend them? Yeah, go for it. This is an easy all over lid color for those days when you want to a one minute makeup look. I’d give this a B+. If the application was more consistent throughout the color range and if there were a more dynamic selection I’d be happy to give it a higher mark. I hope they expand the color range. 

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