a (very) mini review: maybelline bouncy blushes

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Hello darlings! Remember the time where I exploded onto PD with a post of joyous ‘regret nothing’ happiness on a drugstore haul including these blushes? Yeah? …well after the happiness and excitement wore off, here’s my (very) mini review of the Maybelline Bouncy Blushes in Hot Tamale (70) and Plum Wine (50) and my experience with them (+ a swatch). ノ ̄□ ̄)ノ ~┻━┻

Okay Maybelline. I tried. I tried so hard to like these blushes, to love them even through my reservations and because the colors were so pretty. I just can’t do it anymore! This is the first time in a very long time where I was legitimately frustrated with a product. It’s such an awesome idea with an interesting formula and take on blushes…but it just falls short for me. Here are my pros and cons (and, of course, a swatch).



  • The colors are absolutely gorgeous. I only tried two, Hot Tamale (a bright coral-pink) and Plum Wine (a deep plum purple), but from these two colors, I absolutely loved them. Hot Tamale especially struck me as a fun bright summer color.
  • The packaging is cute. …I like it. Personal preference and everything but it’s simple.
  • Eventually, once you manage to apply it in some sort of fashion to your skin, it does give a nice glow and/or hint of color to the cheeks.


  • It does not stay on that long once you get it applied. I have oily/combination skin, and even with a setting powder, the blush disappeared within three hours. I am not too picky when it comes to blushes in general, but I expect wear more than three hours. If you have oily skin, I hesitate to recommend this.
  • …the formula is interesting, yes, but it is a nightmare to apply. I tried everything, from brushes to fingers to sponges and everything in between and I still could not get it to apply evenly or the way I wanted. Just…here is my warning. If you do end up purchasing these blushes, be very patient and ready to figure out the correct application method for you.
  • On the packaging it says it ‘feels lightweight like a powder yet melts into the skin like a cream.’ …I’m more in the middle with this. To get a more dramatic look, I had to build up the blush color a lot, and then it did not melt into the skin or feel like a powder. At all. That said, when I wanted a subtle wash of color, it did feel lightweight and it did melt into the skin (somewhat).
  • It broke me out. I do have very sensitive skin, but this blush is the first blush to ever break me out.

Overall Recommendation: If you can get past the difficult formula and slight application problems, the colors are very pretty and the product provides great subtle washes of color in a variety of shades. If you have oily skin, sensitive skin or do not have the tools (or patience) to deal with a different formula for a blush, skip it. …I wanted to love you, Bouncy Blushes! Q_Q


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