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we swore a long time ago that we wouldn’t feature lime crime products on PD, and we weren’t going to — until now. what we have to say isn’t great though, so it’s not like we totally went back on our word. i purchased this lipgloss in my search for the perfect purple lip color and was in short, sorely disappointed. i’ve already returned it for a refund. here’s a video of how it applies — really applies, versus the photo where it looks beautiful and like a galaxy on your lips. 

For photos of how it looks as well as a more in depth explanation, click after the jump.

This is pretty much freshly applied, and there are 4+ coats of product. I couldn’t get it to cover all of my lips consistently and you can see a ring of red where it just refused to stay. -_- I gave up at 5 coats because it kept gooping up and ending up on my teeth and mouth. 

After 1 hour of wear, it tends to kind of disappear in coverage as you can see. It looks like it’s melting. Not a good look. 

Now in the interest of full disclosure I did purchase 2 other lipglosses at the same time, and I haven’t returned them [yet]. They tend to drift as well and have the same formulation but they’re red and pink and I don’t think it’s as obvious as it is with this lipgloss. 

Bah. Such a bummer :/. On to the next purple lip color in the pursuit of perfection, I suppose. 

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