Anastasia All EYE Want Palette: Sneak Peek and Review

I think I’m among the first that has this, I’ve been waiting to post this because I’ve had it since August — which is exciting and I can’t wait to let you guys know how it performs! Unfortunately, what I’ve got to say isn’t good…. I was super disappointed in this palette, and will be exchanging it as soon as I can. Half the shadows have incredibly poor pigmentation, I’ve never had to rub my fingers on a shadow for so long before! I mean, I really scrubbed to get the shadows to show up on my arm to show you. There are only 3 here that I’m satisfied with, and only 1 I totally love. 

Here’s the lowdown: there are 3 matte shades, 4 shimmery, pearlized shades and 1 glittery shade. There’s one that has a bit of a shimmer but it ends up showing no shimmer at all on the skin at all. I’m bad at describing shadows, so just refer to the swatches. They don’t have names, but I swatched them from left to right, first row down. 

You can really not even see the third shadow, it’s so similar to my arm skin color. For the most part all of the shadows are quite dry and chalky, there were only three that were silky, the darkest eyeshadow, the one directly above and directly next to it. If I had the Naked Palette I could probably dupe them — and better, at that. If this is Anastasia’s answer to the Naked Palette, it’s a poor imitation at that. They never set, either, and easily wash off. No staying power! 

The packaging also felt kind of cheap to me, it’s all cardboard. Now, the palette I got just before this one was the Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette so maybe my expectations are a tad too high. Still, I expected more from Anastasia, particularly since their illumin8 palettes are so nice and heavy. 

The mascara is throwaway, totally didn’t see any difference in volume or length. The brow gel is nice though, and the little brushes that came with the palette are actually rather nice and I can see myself using them. 

However, overall, this palette was a total bomb for me. Bleh. Boo. Hiss. Skip it. 

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