what do you think about occ lip tars in comparison to lipsticks?i know everyone loves them but i just wanted to get an opinion i could trust. Thanks!

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I love them too, but I prefer traditional lipstick packaging more. Lipsticks don’t explode in your bag and they don’t separate after you haven’t used them for awhile. This is always a risk — practically common — when it comes to lip tars.


Soooooo a few days ago I mentioned my picking has gotten really bad and since then have been talking to maybe two dozen of you about it via email. I started taking your advice and it’s gotten way better so fast. Anyway, I wrote about it for Teen Vogue, they were really interested in learning more. Thank you to everyone who spoke to me about it — and of course the ones who let me quote them in the piece, you were a dream to talk to about it. Thank you very much, as always. 


NailedIt: Vietnamese & The Nail Industry

This is an American story that has to be told. #NailedIt preserves and unfurls an indelible history, and gives voice to the Vietnamese women who are stalwarts of the nail salon. Although the wave of Vietnamese refugees coming to the US has slowed to a trickle, many Vietnamese have roots in the trade, and continue to use it to put themselves through school, and support their families in an unpredictable economy.

#NailedIt also explores social/environmental issues that Vietnamese Americans currently face in the nail industry, including racial discrimination by regulators, negative portrayals and stereotypes in mass media, workers rights issues, education and the development of “healthy” nail salons and products, which is met with resistance from customers accustomed to discount pricing, and salon owners who have built their business around providing high volume, low overhead service.

In other words, this is the definitive story of Vietnamese Americans and their impact on American culture and the & nail industry. Join us and make a difference!!

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