do you guys know of/can recommend any good red eyeliners? I know only of MUFE's red liquid one, and am overwhelmingly dissatisfied with it. Thanks!

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I only ever use Makeup Geek’s Poison. I’ve tried other ones (we did an Undercover inspired red eyeliner look quite recently if you didn’t see) but Poison is my only favorite. 


took inspiration from powder doom and got myself blue eyeliner
i’m normally reluctant to put any color on my eyes but i love the way the blue compliments the brown

UM LOOK AT THIS GODDESS! If you are inspired by a Powder Doom tutorial/post, please tag your post with “powder doom” so we can see! 

by Vanessa

This hair tutorial presents an easy way to get a cute sixties hairstyle.

All you need is a 1‘‘ curling iron, a comb or a teasing brush (well just something you like to tease with, I’m using my tangle teaser in this tutorial),  a round brush, some duckbill clips, a bobby pin and (of course) hairspray. This hairstyle works with shorter or longer hair, with bangs or without.