Hi there! I have very stubborn eyebrows and I was wondering if there are any good drugstore brow gels that will help give a natural look but still keep the hairs going in the same direction? Also, should I go for a tinted gel or a clear one? If it matters at all I usually use powder to fill them in. Thanks!

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I am perfectly happy with how well the Maybelline Brow Gel works. I would go for the clear. The Palladio comes with some really nice brushes tho— you might prefer that for precision.

are you aware of any "non comedogenic" face highlighters/illuminators?

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I think that term is absolute horseshit so it’s not something I keep track on quite honestly. Maybe BECCA? 

Recommendations for super gentle facial cleansers? I've been using Cetaphil but it leaves my face feeling a little tight... Thank u!

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Ya I know the feelin. Try Kiehls! The Cleansing Milk would be lovely for you I think. 

Could you recommend a floral perfume with like, a tremendous silage? Maybe something not too fey or girly but very floral. your advice is always spot on! thanks ❤️

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Once again I must remind y’all I don’t actually do custom perfume recommendations.

I also do not like floral perfumes so I would not be able to help. 

How to Do Cute Eye Make Up When You Have a Tremor
By Beth for Powder Doom

Now I may not be down for creepy ‘omg disability is soo creative’ outlook. *-*-vomits internally-*-*-*. But I am down for bbs not feeling inadequate for not matching up to some ridiculous ableist standards that encompass everything from our standard of life to our eyeliner decisions.”

Writer and artist Beth shares her expertise on how to do cute eye makeup if you have a tremor - besides, cat eyes are boring anyway.