What do you think about pacifica makeup? Like their 7 free nail polishes?

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i haven’t tried their nail polishes but i think their concealers and lip tints are really nice. 

do you know if the paulas choice/beautypedia reviews (and by extension, their products) are trustworthy? i was so relieved when i first came across the site, thinking someone was finally going to straight-talk to me about harmful formulations and decode all the disorienting mixed messages, but i have doubts now and i noticed they rated literally all your faves as 'poor' formulations so i was wondering how you felt, i guess. not that im assuming you are infallible, but.

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Not all my faves, they don’t have any reviews on my cleanser up. And I agree with their ratings on exfoliants. All my faves? Not really. i like their reviews! and i listen to them a lot. but that doesn’t mean the products i use haven’t given me good results. they could tell me that my skincare routine fucking sucks and break it down all they want but it doesn’t actually change the fact my skin is better than it’s ever been post-puberty. You also have to remember that site is run by a beauty brand that is also invested in making sure their products come off as the best in the business. That doesn’t mean they would be — for you. 

Spf in makeup is a bit of a farce. To get the listed spf for any product you need to apply 2mg/cm^2 which works out to around a heaped 1/4 teaspoon or 1.13 grams. You're not going to put that much bb/foundation/primer on your face and look good. Layering is your best bet brightestbulbinthebox com/2014/04/is-14-tsp-enough-sunscreen-for-your-face html (and related links is good)

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good to know! 

So I found a great BB cream that is perfect for my skin (I am super pale) but it doesn't have sun screen. Should I layer it (and if so what order) or Is it better to try and find a BB cream with Sun Screen that will match.

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it’s quite easy to find bb creams for very pale people with spf so it wouldn’t be difficult but if you really love the formulation there’s nothing wrong with layering it with sunscreen. i put it on before foundation usually. 

I love lipsticks in a variety of colors, but if I wear anything other than bright red, my teeth look a damn yellow mess. Is my only option to bleach the crap out of my teeth? I have dreams of mint green or light pink lips. Thanks for answering all these questions.

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If you specifically look for blue toned colors it’ll minimize the yellow in your teeth, so like, Claudia by NARS would be a good one to try, or for mint green, KAOIR has a nice one. But if it makes you self conscious bleaching your teeth would be okay and fine, too. I don’t like doing those tray bleaching things, I carry abound a teeth whitening pen and use GOSMILE, which is frequently on sale on Hautelook.